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Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures

It is a tremendous life experience to be part of the “Technology Boom”, however, with all of its benefits come risks that someone might use that Technology in an unlawful way to invade your privacy or to commit corporate espionage.


Has Illegal “Eavesdropping” violated your expectation of privacy? Is your corporation a target of espionage? How secure is your Conference or Board Rooms? How secure is your home? Apex Investigative Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing affordable technical support to the law enforcement, corporate, legal and private investigation community, as well as the General Public, who often find themselves victimized by illegal electronic surveillance. Our technicians are trained to find Eavesdropping Devices (Bug Detection), Covert Video Surveillance Cameras, Phone Taps, Voice Recorders and Compromised Computer Systems in your office or home, as well as Hidden/Unauthorized GPS Systems on your vehicles. Our use of Spectrum Analyzers and an array of other advanced specialized equipment, assures a professional effort in addressing our clients’ needs. Allow our experienced technicians to resolve your TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) concerns.

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